Welcome to the Huett Lab

What we do - We are interested in how bacterial pathogens interact with host cells, and how host cells defend themselves from infection.  In particular, we explore how secreted bacterial effector proteins work with the host cell machinery to allow bacterial infection. I also have a strong interest in autophagy and how this process serves to defend the cell cytoplasm against invading bacteria.

Mission - I aim to build a diverse, enthusiastic and cohesive team of scientists to do world-class research. Team members will be exposed to and master state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, and develop a deep understanding of infection, cell biology and modern data-driven biology.  I intend to fully develop every team-member's potential and nuture their career progression - in research or beyond.

Our work is split betweeen two broad themes:

Bacterial effectors - the actors of the host-pathogen interface  Bacterial effectors subvert, manipulate and evade normal cellular functions - allowing bacteria to replicate and cause disease.  We wish to find new effectors and their functions and better characterise known effectors.

Autophagy - the cell eats itself  Autophagy is a process by which components of the cytoplasm are sequestered within a specialised vacuole, degraded and recycled.  We are investigating the role of autophagy in removing invasive bacteria from within mammalian cells. In particular we want to understand how the cell senses invading bacteria and directs the defensive autophagic response.