Seeking talented, motivated PhD students
Wed, 23, 11, 2011
Alan Huett

The Huett Lab is recruiting!  I am looking for excellent, interesting and interested candidates for a PhD studentship starting in 2012.  You should have a keen interest in host-pathogen interactions and cellular microbiology and be ready to apply cutting-edge image analysis and molecular tools to screening of novel bacterial effectors.

The proposed project is to screen genes of unknown function from Adherent Invasive Escherichia coli (AIEC), to find virulence factors mediating infection and intracellular survival.  AIEC is an unusual pathogen recently associated with Crohns Disease, this project will seek to identify bacterial proteins and their host targets for future analysis and open new routes towards therapies.

Check out the advert at and reply, or use the contact page on this site.

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