Alan Huett - Principal Investigator

My scientific interests lie in the interface between bacteria and their hosts; how bacteria influence host cells to establish a niche. In particular I want to discover and characterise novel bacterial effectors and their mechanisms of action.  One aspect of host-pathogen interaction is the role of autophagy as host defence - I am currently pursuing several projects in this area, with the goal of elucidating the signals which trigger anti-bacterial autophagy.

I also have a keen interest in photography, public engagement in science, and technology.


 Available opportunities - 

I am currently seeking highly motivated, talented and interesting people to work in the lab.  I have an opening for an exceptional PhD student in starting Sep/Oct 2012.  Early applications from post-doctoral candidates would also be welcome - I expect grant funding to become available in mid-2012.

Self-funded candidates seeking an exciting PhD opportunity are also welcome to apply at any time.